Monday, May 16, 2011

to sum up...

University is almost over for this school year. Well, today i had to go to art and craft class to talk about my project. Anyway, didn't get much positive feedback so that sucked. And i planned to print my other home assignments and give these to my teacher, but the printer was stupid and then when i finally got everything printed out the teacher wasnt in her office so i couldnt give her anything :/ I was so done my that time. I saw that it's not a good day for me. So i came back home (tho i should have gone to buy some fabric for our dance performance costumes). I'll do it tomorrow.
Other than that everything is good. Uni is almost over but at the same time i still dont have the right feeling. I just want to give all my paper works to my teacher. And on Monday there's the last exam. I need to study for it. I hope it's an easy one.
Anyway, everything else besides uni is very great! I had such a wonderful day with Johannes yesterday. I truly enjoyed every second of it. I love him with all my heart!
On Friday, 13th was our 9 months anniversary :) 9 months already. I cannot believe it! I have had my Prince with me for 9 beautiful and very special months! I seriously can't imagine my life without it. He's my everything!

PS! J's birthday is coming up soon. I bought him a present today. I hope he'll like it :)

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