Wednesday, February 8, 2012

busy life!

I have been extremely busy since my internship started. Although I am so busy and it's a lot of work, i really like being a teacher! Only thing is that I miss Jay. But he did something very very sweet for me last weekend. He came home! He wasn't supposed to come home, but he did! And that made me soooo happy and so much stronger. It gave me a lot of energy! He inspires me :)
It's Wednesday today and he comes home on Friday! Yay! I have to go to uni on Friday and Saturday. So crazy and it sucks because I can't be with Jay so much as I would like to. But at least we have a little part of Saturday and Sunday to be together and to celebrate Valentine's Day and our 1,5 year anniversary! I cannot wait! Last 3 days I have been working on a present for him - a painting. I finished it today. I truly hope he likes it! I'll put a photo of it here later too when he has got the gift:)
Anyway, about my internship. It's going great! I am totally enjoying teaching 2nd grade. My students are so sweet!!!!
It's so weird to think how much I must prepare for the classes. I haven't watched any of the tv shows I usually watch. I'll enjoy watching these later after the internship.
I will post some photos of my teacher work later too.When I have more time. And i also want to post photos of the lasagne Jay and I cooked when I was in Finland. Last Friday I made an apple pie and pizza. I'll post the photos later!
Well, it's time to finish and do some work again. But before I go, i want to post here a thought I came across today. I think it's so beautiful, honest and true. We all should follow it!

Happiness is always there within reach, no matter how long it lasts..... Lets enjoy life and don't live a complicated life. Life is too short. Work as if it was your first day. Forgive as soon as possible. Love without boundaries... Laugh without control and never stop smiling. 

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