Wednesday, February 29, 2012

thinking far ahead...

I had so awful stomach pain yesteday and the whole last night. I still have it actually. It is sooo annoying! I hope it will pass quickly! I had to skip my workout yesterday because of it and I am not sure I can workout today either :( It just hurts soo much!
The weather is so nice today. So sunny and beautiful. I am going for a walk soon. I'll walk to Jay's work and then we can walk back home together. I need fresh air. I hope it also makes my tummy feel better :)
I have been thinking of my upcoming birthday a lot lately. That's because I have no idea how to celebrate it. I want to celebrate it, but dont know how or where. If I cant figure it out, I might not celebrate it this year at all. I dont know. Help!!! Thing is that I never have big birthday parties. I just like a little cathering with my friends, we eat, watch a movie, talk, take photos and just have a nice time together. But since I moved to Tallinn I dont feel like inviting my friends to my parents house anymore coz I sorta moved out from there. But I cant invite them to my Tallinn apartment either coz I am not living there alone; Jay's brother lives there too. And I dont know if there is a reason to rent a party place because I dont really PARTY that much. I like cozy meet and catch-up with my friends. Maybe I just wont celebrate my birthday this year and I will start celebrating it when Jay and I have our own place! Real home :) I like to cook for my guests and have a nice meal and watch a movie or play some games (Wii or PS3 or some boardgames!). That would be more like me! But I have time to think about it! My birthday isnt within a month. Since my granny has a birthday 2 days before me I guess the relatives are coming to her birthday anyway and usually then come to my parents' place too. So, I might cook a cake and celebrate me and my sister's birthday at my parents' place. Well, we'll see. If i celebrate or I don't either way it is a very special day for me and I am so happy that Jay can be with me that day! I hope we will do something fun together that day! Maybe have breakfast in bed and dinner out and something more :) I dont know why but for me birthday has always carried on a special meaning and I like to celebrate it and I just love birthdays! Birthday is one day that belongs to you and you are the most speical person on that day! :)
I have always wanted to have a cupcake as a birthday treat :)

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