Monday, February 13, 2012

excellent weekend!!!!

Like I said, I have been extremely busy. But teaching is so much fun! And day by day I feel more confident and I go to "work" like I have done that job for years. I really like it!
Jay came home on Friday! We had a dinner out and then we came home and watched tv on bed. I was in university on Saturday till 4pm. Jay came there when my classes finished and we went to have a dinner at Scotland Yard. It was my frirst time to have a dinner there. It was really nice evening! We celebrated out 1,5 year anniversary:) Oh we ate a LOT! After the dinner I felt so strange, it was because I ate too much I think. So, i threw up! Yuk. It happens really seldom, so it was a bit scary. Although we had other plans, we skipped these because I didn't feel so great. I drank a lot of water and we went to the movies instead (coz I needed to sit not walk!). Well, after the movie we went home. At home there was a surprise for me. Really really really special surprise! Jay is the BEST! But it's not time to talk about it yet ;)
Anyway, at home we just watched tv on our bed and I fell asleep pretty fast. I didn't feel very good. In the morning I had runny nose, sore throat and my head was sooo heavy. I also had a little temperature. So I was sick! We spent the whole Sunday on bed. I was so sleepy, I slept, watched tv, slept and watched more tv. Jay did the same. It was actually good to just rest and spend the whole day on bed :)
Jay went back to Finland last night. It made me sad as always :( I can't wait to be with him again! Two weeks more internship and then I will go to Finland to be with Jay :) Cannot wait! I love him so much and I need to be with him!
This weekend I am going to Kohila to my parents' place. I wish Jay could come too! Oh, wishes, wishes.
Well, I better go to bed, read a book and watch tv.

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