Monday, March 5, 2012

back at home

I came back to Estonia yesterday. I didn't want to leave Jay, but I knew that we'll see each other quite soon again. He's coming home on Thursday! Yesterday night he called me before his night-shift and he told he's coming to skype in the morning. It is one morning when I can sleep long and I have to go to school by 12.35pm. So, I wanted for his call all morning, but then I sent him a text asking if he went to bed already. Came out it was a misunderstanding. He came to skype, but I was offline so he went to bed. But actually I told him to call to my cellphone when he's going to skype so I can wake up and turn on my laptop we could talk on skype. I wish I had turned my laptop on earlier. I was just laying on my bed and waiting for a phonecall. I feel stupid. And I am disappointed because I really wanted to see and talk to him. But it's okay. At least I heard he's work went well and I'll let him sleep now!
In the morning I made a porridge. And I defroze fresh strawberry jam. Such a good breakfast!
So, since today I am a teacher again! It's weird to go back infront of the class after a holiday! But I know students are still the same nice! :)

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