Friday, March 23, 2012

Morning kiss!

My morning wake up alarm was Jay's kiss! He kissed me and then I started hitting him because I was in the middle of my dream and I was so scared when he kissed me. How the hell I knew it was him! Lol. But then it came clear and I realized it's morning and my finace is waking me up with his kisses! How cute! I asked if he's coming to bed, but he said he's not tired. He suggested we would go to the food shop to buy something good for breakfast! So, I woke up and that's exactly what we did. When we came back, we had breakfast, I took a shower and now I am on the net.
It's really beautiful weather outside. So sunny!!! I love it!
We are going to Helsinki tomorrow morning and since we will have time before the ship leaves, we'll go shopping! Yay!
It's so nice to go back home tomorrow! :) My uni classes starts on 27th March and they are only twice a week. It gives me plenty of time to read books and rollerskate and just enjoy spring! My favorite season!

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