Wednesday, May 30, 2012

crazy days

I have had soo many thoughts in my head last couple of days.. especailly today. I feel so weird and numb, but it'll be alright. My Prince is with me! He's my rock!
We are going home, back to Estonia tomorrow. We'll shop a bit in Helsinki and then we are off to the ship. I can't wait to get home and sleep on my biggg cozy bed. Jay is always waiting for our bed, we both are!!! What a joy is to watch tv from bed :D
Today is Jay's birthday. I woke before 5am this morning...waiting from him to get back from wokr (he had night shift). Well, I kepts sleeping, and then I woke up again just to realize it's only 6 am...and I kept sleeping.. till, bam, I open my eyes and I see Jay looking very close to my face :S Geez! That scared the hell out of me! But then I jumped up and hugged him and wished him happy birthday. I actually sent him a text msg at midnight too, but his cellphone was home. Lol. Anyway, Jay ate the sandwich cake I made him. He said its better than a sweet cake coz he doesn't like sweet cakes so much..especially in the morning. Well, I am glad he liked it :):) After eating the cake, he came to bed and we talked and then fell asleep. I woke up around 10am, I was on the Internet, did a little workout, made pancakes, took a shower and then Jay woke up too and we went to play basketball (he and his friends played, I was just watching and talking to Kristjan...he couldnt play because of his yesterday's injuries :D). Anyway, it was a fun evening. After the basketball game, we went to the shooping center called Willa. Jay was thinking of buying xbox 360 ´kinetic, but since we already ordered one (without kinetic) then we'll wait a bit and maybe buy that one later. But we decided to go to the McDonalds...tho I am against fast food I was so hungry that I ate one ruisfeast (donnot how its in Englihs). One of the healthiest burger they had there I guess, with black bread. Pretty yummie. But I have one very fav buger that they sell in Helsinki near the railway station.. it's the morning special. So healthy and good..and of course NO meat. And you get an apple juice too :) I love it! But still, I prefer no junk aka fast food.
These days when I will be in Estonia are going to be crazy busy I guess. I have so much to do and so little time.
I can't wait till the forest camp with my uni friends is over. I want to rest (like I haven't been doing it for at least two weeks alread!Lol). But still, I want to be with Jay and enjoy the summer! :)

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