Saturday, September 26, 2009


First of all, DO NOT laugh if i say today was my first time to make brownies..and it was my second time to eat these. No laughing, please! lol
BUT this veryy amazing girl Haley gave me sooo many great brownie recipes so today i got a chance and made brownies. and OH MY GOSH! I was in heaven. Haley is my angel:) haha. i'll never forget that. hahahahaha:D You would understand me if u havent made brownies b4 and now u got this chance. LOL. Well, i kinda screwed them up..ALMOST! Thank god i looked to the oven and noticed sth is wrong... it was too ready already..but it hadnt been there 30 min yet. Came out i turned oven to be 250C(475F) although it had to be 175C(350F). Haha. Im so bad :S haha. But hey, it came out so delicious. It's all that matters, right?
And i promised Haley i took a pic of the brownies!So, hope you didnt have to wait too long(i know u did. sryy. im slow.hahahaha. i was doing hundred other things at the same time. haha). But here are the pics ;)

Maybe they are not perfect or they dont look like they have to, but they are PERFECT for me! i love them <333 And my mom&dad liked them very much too(which is a BIG thing coz my mom usually doesnt like chocolate cakes or stuff..). But she really liked these brownies :D

Again, special thanks to Haley :):)
love u, chick<3


  1. Awwww, you are too sweet!! I'm so proud of you and your new brownie-making skills! haha I'm sure they were amazing!!! Love youuuu!

  2. aww. thanks :) it wouldnt happen without u!:) so thanks again:D im deffffo gonna make brownies soon again:D i cant live without them anymore!Lol.
    love u <3333