Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Goodbye, summer, Hello, fall =]

Yup. It's really fall now, although i have smelled fall for about last two weeks. And some days the air smells just like it's winter(but no snow of course).
I'm not waiting winter SO bad, but i LOVE christmas :) So, why not to wait winter. and SNOWWWWW!!!Not that i wanna go shopping(boots, coats ect.), but i like how everything is so white and seems that everybody has sooo much time. No rush anywhere. Everybody's happy! I want that <3

But, hey, today started fall, not winter. ha!ha! Lets enjoy fall as long as we can. I dont know how's there(wherever you live), but here in North Europe, in Estonia, they told it's gonna be a warm winter. We call it "fall of vestals"(dont ask why)..haha:D

I have always told that spring is my fav season. And it's so true. But, there's something magical in fall.& in winter. I like the darkness in fall. I like how its so dark outside( like right now) and im home just one light on& im eating a apple pie. Sooo good! Fall is a best season to be at home. I love my cozy place =]

Okay, too much seasonal talk in this blog. haha!

Tomorrow i have a day off. Yay. I honestly dont have ANY plans for tomorrow..All i know is that i wanna relax and stay in. I probs will watch new episodes of GG&one tree hill=D

But now im going to eat cookies!!!!Want one??

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  1. fall is my favorite! =) It snows??? omg...I haven't seen snow in years!! I love it! I'm jealous!!!