Friday, September 4, 2009

College life!

I'm a real college student now!
So much has happened in last three days. University is so much fun. Well, i havent had any classes yet though. So, i guess soon i will write here that university is so boring or something like that. But who knows..
Anyway, these three days we have had just information lessons and fun stuff, like boardgames evening and PARTY :) I met very many cool ppl! New friends :)
On monday will be the first day when i actually have real classes. So, wish me luck!It's gonna be quite long day :P

Changing the subject, there's one rly cool new spanish soap opera called "En Nombre del Amor". I so like it! And the theme song is just amazingly beautiful. It's called "En Cambio No" by Laura Pausini. I must add that Laura Pausini's songs are quite often theme songs for spanish soap operas. It's rly cool!
I'm gonna put this video here.. "En Cambio No" :) Beautiful&sad song!!

Well, i dont know what else. University is quite confusing. I have to register my classes and this whole system is so confusing. But i'm sure sooner or later i'll get use to it, so it's alright :)

These last couple of days i have been so tired. 9:30 pm i feel sooo tired that i just wanna jump to the bed and fall asleep. It's so weird. I'm not used to that. Usually im tired when its 1 or 2 am. Not half ten. It shows that college life makes me more tired. But its understandable because i have waken up quite early too..8:30 am or 9 am. Usually i slept till 9:30 or 10 am. Sometimes longer, though i didnt like to sleep too long. Umm, it's weird that i'm talking what i used to to and all the time in past like it's never gonna happen again. Sure, i now have a big changes in my life and lots of things are different. But some things never change. I never change :)

I'm tired. I'm going to bed now. It's OK! It's 11:42 pm!!!! :D:D

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