Saturday, September 12, 2009

saturday tired-ayyy

It's Saturday and wt time did i have to wake up? 7:30am. CRAZY!!!!
I needed to go to Tallinn to get a new English workbook from a shop. And mom was supposed to go there anyway so i thought i'll go with her. But who goes to a hairdresser at 9am on Saturday morning. Couldnt's she get any better time??!!
So, i had to wake up THAT early as 7:30am. I bought the wb and new jeans and some other stuff. Our way back i was sleeping in the car. Yeah, i was THATTT tired. But now im on the net. I have to read a book for college. But im still too tired&hungry. But i know if i'll eat i deffo wanna sleep.
My sis is going to ballroom dancing competition soon..with my mom, so i will be home alone. Goody! But i sill gotta read. Boring.

Anyway, yesterday was a great day. I had so much fun in college:) I rly wanna see how long it's gonna last..
And wt totalllly made my day was Miley's new music vid. When i look at you! I'm so obsessed with that song!It plays non-stop on my ipod.& the vid is sooo beautiful<333
And yesterday abt 1 am my sis decided to go to bed.Then i asked her if she saw Miles new vid. And she was like NOOO!! And she went to the net again and she watched the vid abt 10 times. By the time she went to bed i was sleeping already :P:P

Well, well, well. Im gonna risk and have a lunch. Lets hope i wont fall asleep ;)

PS! Elisa i miss ya, girl! Wish i was there for u yesterday. Wanna talk to u. love<3

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