Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Needed to write my feelings down..


Disappointed that everything I dreamt

Got crashed down

Disappointed that my hopes

Got fallen around

Disappointed that promises

Aren’t always true

Disappointed that life’s

Struggles to get through

Disappointed in myself

That my hopes very too high

Disappointed that everything

Was a big lie

Disappointed how easily

One moment can change it all

Disappointed how quickly

Big dreams got so small

And another poem i wrote this morning..

So low

May the rain come
and wash your sin
I don't wanna be numb
and let you win
How lucky you are
to come and go
So easily you broke my heart
It was such a blow
What I've left is a chance and faith
is it worth givin'
or is it too late
Forgiving once, forgiving twice
all you say is somehow concise
It's needless to say
that I still care
but since days have been so gray
I don't dare

to go on solo
'cause you went so low.

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