Friday, May 14, 2010

so summer-ish! (:

For some reason i haven't written here very much lately. That's probs coz i love writing to my notebook way more:P But that's not that important, is it?!
What's important is that it's kinda like HOLIDAY! YUP! summer holiday! And it's rly hot! I just love it!
Yesterday was a crazy day. I can't write abt everything, but it was crazy! After the craziness i went shopping ;) Bought all i needed.
Today was fun too. First, to Tallinn with my sis; few hours in uni with my gals(who i btw adore!my megasixpack!!!<3). And then i went to meet mom&dad&sis. Oh yeah, my shoes were giving me an headache:S They caused so much pain. But, i survived so i won't whine! Anywho, i walked on CityHall(Linnahall) roof. I wished i had time to just lay down and sunbath there. Lol. Well, but i didnt. So, instead me went shopping. We are gonna have a BBQ tomorrow:) Yay! At home i of course logged on fb and aww Elisa made my day! This girl just knows how to make me happy! No wonder she's my BEST friend!:) Sometimes i forgot how far she lives! But i know distance doesnt count in a friendship!She is and will forever be my best friend<3 I feel so blessed i met her.

Talking about friends. I talked to my sis the other day. We were just talking about old times..and she asked something about Clara. And when i told that this summer it'll be 4 years since she passed away, then she said that 3 years. I was like what? How? But then i started calculating and she was right. I felt SO bad! I think abt C every day! She was the bestest girl i have EVER met! And i will NEVER forget her! But i miss her soo bad. I feel like time is flying by so fast and that its such a long time since we last talked..for some reason i thought it was 4 years..but comes out that 3. Gosh, i miss my baby! I wish she was still here. I have had million moments when i needed to talk to her. But every time i need her i remember wt she last told me: "Sandra, remember i'll never ever leave you. I'll always be with you. Im looking after you. Im your butterfly!". And i know she meant it. I feel her with me every single day. She's in my heart, in my thoughts and in my sole. I wouldn't be that girl who i am without her. She has helped me sooo much! She was and will forever be my rock! I love you, C!


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