Wednesday, July 7, 2010

good vs bad

Okay. Should i start with things that make me feel good or bad?
I think good first.
It's rainbow outside. I like it. haha.
I got Miley's new CD&DVD combo. Gosh, i had been waiting for it so long. And now i finally have it! Im super happy! I also got 4 tank tops & the best cookies ever. Girls shout peanut butter sandwich cookies are officially my fav now!
Thanks uncle Scott!:)

Now bad things.
Im still feeling so crappy. At day time im too busy and tho i feel so bad, its not THAT bad. But when i come home then ugh it starts..i start sweating and my runny nose and coughing gets worse. And im so sick of it. And in the bottom of it all, i have had random nose bleeding twice in last two days. Im on the net and BAM my nose starts bleeding. WTF?!
And im sick of it all:/ I want to feel healthy again and enjoy the superr warm weather! But nooo, i cant! :/

And secondly im messing with the camp pix.. and ugh, laptop makes me feel worser coz its so hot here..
I need to stop and rest unless i want my sickness continue.

Nighty night.


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