Sunday, July 18, 2010


Last couple of days have been busy busy busy..but in a very good way!
On Thursday i hung out with Elise. We grilled marshmallows and bananas & spent the night in a tent. We watched Sorority Row and fell alseep before midnight(can u believe that?!). But it was so good to sleep in a tent coz it wasnt that hot outside and it was inside. So i totally enjoyed it!
Next morning i had to wake up 8am coz it was my mom's bday. Me and my sisters made breakfast for her and woke my mom up with song, breakfast in bed and of course a birthday present:) As always we all were on mom's bed talking about stuff. haha:)
Then we all went down and continued the breakfast and started cooking for later guests. We made salmon pie and lots of other delicious food!
Guests came and went whole day long. When there last two came i was on msn talking to Elisa and Shawny. But then BAM became a huge surprise for all of us. Our two family friends who we hadnt seen in years came to my mom's birthday. They had never been in our house(we have been living here for 7 years already)..But my mom had once showed her friend the house she very wanted to buy. And later when we visited them she told we bought the house. But they never came here..and we hadnt been to their place for years either. But on Friday on my mom's birthday they suddenly were here..My mom was in the garden with her two friends.. sun was shining tho it was almost 9pm and suddenly there was a birthday song.. New guests..but who?! And when mom saw them, she was super happpy :) And i was too! Coz it was so amazing for them to come here and do so amazing surprise. It seriously was so sweet of them! :) We all sat outside, had dinner and just talked&talked&talked. It was so interesting to hear about their life and so on.. It made me very happy! We are difnitely going to their place very soon!=)

On Saturday was my mom's bigger birthday party. But thankfully it started 7pm. I had to work from 1pm-6pm. I had to play with kids and also paint t-shirts in textile colors. It was very fun. And i had a blast being there and getting new younger and older friends. I actually worked till 7pm. So i got paid more than i hoped. It was very positive:)
And when i arrived home the party had just started. First guests had arrived and soon all the others came too. So we had a big dinner and all that stuff. It was very very nice night yesterday.
I went to bed 1:30am. I was very tired!

Today i went shopping to Tallinn with my parents. I needed new shoes for my older sister's wedding upcoming weekend, but instead i got new super cool bikinis and sunglasses:) Love these <3

When we got home it suddenly went dark and i was sure i could start raining. Of course i was right. There was a little bit of thunder too. And the rain was such a heavy. Me likey:)
Im having a light headache actually, so i better turn the laptop off and find some other activity:) haha!

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