Wednesday, July 14, 2010

this is your life.

Last night was like a hell. It was just so hot. Outside or inside, didnt matter. I just couldnt sleep. I woke up few times at night because i couldnt breath coz my throat was so i quickly had to drink water. Well, let's hope this night will be different. I need to sleep! Heat is making me tired whole day anyway!
Okay, about today now. I went to Tallinn to shop for textile colors[got all i needed;)], i also did some food shopping. Or should i say sweets shopping coz all i bought was candies, chocolates and cookies! Not for myself tho:)
I also bought two Bingo Lotto and one Viking Lotto. But OF COURSE i didnt win:/
Anywho, me and my sis didnt go to the beach coz it was just SO hot. All i wanted is to come home, take a cold shower and hide inside..coz even sea water doesn cool me down.. It's so warm like a soup. Yea yea i know i shouldnt be complaining. But i guess now i understand why about 8 years ago when summers were hotter and winters were colder, every summer i wished for winter..and every winter i wished for summer. But then, globalwarming and all that stuff messed around with the winters werent THAT THAT cold. And summers were warm, but the heat wasnt for long.. But this year it's ALL back.. the real coldness in the winter and real heat in the summer. And i actually love it. And i love the fact that im missing winter. I havent missed for it for years. Feels kinda great!haha. But sure i love the hot summer we have here again!:)
So, where were i..oh yeah, didnt go to the beach. So, i was back at home at 4pm. I had late lunch and helped mom outside a bit. Then i watched tv, had dinner and went to ride bikes with mom and sis. We also stopped by at granny's. After i came back, i watched Pretty Little Liars. Gosh! it was SO amazing. I cant wait to see the next episode. I have so many questions in my head..and i need answers! It's definitely one really interesting anf intense tv show! love it<3
I also watched Make It Or Break It today, outside with my sis. I just couldnt stand the heatness in my room, and luckily it was a bit windier and cooler outside[comparing with my room at least!]. It's another very cool show!:)

It's Thursday already coz its after midnight. It means that TODAY i'll camp outside with Elise. Going to watch horror movies from my lappy at night in the tent!:) And of course we'll roast marshmellows and bananas too. I still gotta figure out what we'll make for dinner. Love spending time with my besty! Too bad she has to go to Denmark so soon again :( Im off to bed now. Im begging for a sleepy and dreamy night..a cod night, please! (:

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