Monday, June 6, 2011

Meals and movies!

I've had such a wonderful dinners with J lately (actually all that time i have been with him!Lol)
Two pictures of one of my fav dinner which was just delicious!!!!!

Yesterday we had nice dinner at Kohila too! I took this photo of J while we were waiting for our meal! Isn't he cute? Ohh, yesss he is :D

Yesterday when we came home, he had a little BBQ. And we decided to go to the movies (J, me, my older sis, her husband and my younger sis). Went to the last seance. We went to watch Hangover 2 (me and J had seen it once already:P). But i must admit watching it second time was even better ;) I laughed more than i did at the first time! And we stayed at J's place.

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