Friday, June 3, 2011

where to sleep?

Once upon a time there were a girl and a boy who were madly in love with each other. One day they decided to go to swimming. And they did. They have a lot of fun! The boy asked the girl if she'd like to stay over at his place. She agreed. But the boy didn't live alone, he shared his apartment with his younger brother. All he needed to do was to inform his brother that he's going over with his girlfriend. But the brother didn't pick up his phone. The boy kept calling to his brother whole evening along. After swimming the girl and the boy had a dinner at Vapiano. they both had delicious pasta. So far they evening spent together was great. After dinner they went to the movies. The boy asked girl to pick up the movie. There were two options. Bot were action movies that girl knew nothing about. She picked out a movie totally randomly. They went to watch Blitz. Came out it was very boring and pointless movie. Girls feet hurt during the movie watching and boy was just bored. But he couldn't blame the girl because she didn't know either of the movies and made her choice randomly. The movie ended around 11:30pm. They walked to boy's place. He still hadn't reached his brother by phone. They arrived to his home and saw brother sleeping there. A boy told that even though they have just one bed, they can all sleep in there. Brother on the left, boy in the middle and girl on the right. She didn't mind. But boy looked at her and asked if she wanted to go to her granny's place instead. She said she didn't care where she was sleeping as long and the boy was with her. But boy told he's not going to her granny's. So, girl told that then she's not going either. She could stay. But boy still thought girl didn't want to stay there with him and his brother and he called her a taxi. She was confused. Why was the boy acting like that? Didn't he heard her? She wanted to stay with him. No matter where. But it was too late. Taxi was on the way. She went outside and the taxi came quickly. The boy wanted to give her his credit card, but girl didn't take it. If the boy wanted her to go, she could take care of herself. Soon the taxi came and she was off. On a way to her granny's she called her and let her now she was going to stay over there. Granny didn't mind. Secretly she hoped that the boy would call her just to make sure if she arrived at her granny's safely. But no. No sign from him. She went to bed and slept well. In the morning around 8:30am she woke up, had dinner with her granny and took a bus to the city center. She planned not to call him first. Because she wanted him at least once to apologize or to make the first step. But she was afraid. Afraid of that it might not happen. And she didn't want to risk. So, she called him. And as soon as they talked she wished she hadn't. The boy was so cold and sounded like he didn't care at all. Like he didn't miss her, like he didn't mind sleeping alone. She knew he only pretended. He always did. He wanted to show he didn't care if he had her or not. But he probably didn't realize that if he kept being like that he might actually loose the girl. There's no reason to hide what your feelings.
After the call, girl took a train and planned not to call him again. Now it was his time to contact her. She went home. After few hours she had to call him because her granny needed to talk to him. And when she did she also asked if he was going to go to her place. He said he wasn't sure. His brother was away so he told he'd like to be at his own apartment. He invited her too. She was happy. She quickly changed her clothes and went took a train to Tallinn. He wasn't finished his work yet so she waited for him. And when they met, she tried to talk about it a bit. They agreed it was a misunderstanding since the girl actually wanted to stay over although boy thought she didn't. Moral of the story: sometimes facial expressions don't speak right; that's why we have our mouth! Speak up!

After that girl and boy decided to speak things through.
They live happily ever after!

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