Wednesday, July 13, 2011

11 months

It's me and J's 11 months anniversary :) I made a cake for him and he surprised me with three red roses and chocolate!!! And we had a dinner with my sis and her husband. And later men went to sauna and then we had some drinks to celebrate LOVE! :) It was a very nice day. I totally enjoyed it! I also saw a doctor today, it went fine.
We are going to Tallinn tomorrow. And then back on Friday.
Did i mention that my very good friend Candis emailed me. We hadn't talked for 2 years because of her university studies. She wasn't able to use Internet and her myspace website didn't work (she's from China). So, i had no contact with her. But now the myspace started working for her and she contacted me. We have been emailing each other every day! O'boy i missed her!
Anyway, i am going to watch Modern Family and maybe read a book. I bought a new book by Cecelia Ahern, it's called "Thanks for the Memories".
Oh and a reallllly great news. I found my fav perfume "Wrapped With Love" (by H.Duff). I had been looking for it for soo long, but it was sold out. But now i got the last one! Yay! I still want "With Love" so so so so much! And i can't wait to read "The Gift" by C.Ahern either. These are the two "wants" i have right now. lol.



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