Friday, July 29, 2011

Missing You is so hard :(

I have spent so much fun and amazing with my my love. Finland was great. Because i was with him. But now i am back in Estonia, while he's still there..working. I miss him so bad! It was so hard to come home..and it's so hard to be at home. But it's even harder knowing that tomorrow i am going to ballroom dancing camp for two entire weeks. I will probably have hands and legs full of work so i won't have much time to miss him (I hope, but i know its not true..i miss him every second no matter what i am doing or who i am with:|). I'll start counting days till the camp ends and i can go to Finland to see my man. I really really really miss him so bad! I hope it'll get easier, but right now i can hardly breathe. I know that i must be lucky to have someone to miss. And i am, i truly am! And i shouldnt be so sad coz i know our reconnection will be so special! I feel so blessed that i have so amazing man in my life! I love him with my whole heart! I am going to enjoy this camp for both of us and i'll give my best to do a great job there! Coz i know he's doing so hard work in Finland.
I love You, J!

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