Monday, July 18, 2011

so lost

Sorry accepted. Thanks, sweetheart! :)

A Place Called Here. I have lost two things.. or no actually.I didn't lost them. They just GOT lost :/ Just like that. A Place Called Here. A place where the lost things go. Do you know there's an entire city built up by the lost things. Yeah, i read about it from a book "A Place Called Here" written by Cecelia Ahern. I absolutely love that book. After that i didn't look for my lost things so hard. I knew they were somewhere... maybe in another world. So, they had a new place, a new owner.
But now being a realist again, my ice-cream "lost". But i just found out my sis ate it (although she denied it at first, many times!) So, one lost thing found.
But i also lost a free boat ticket to Finland :/ That's a bad loss. I have looked for it everywhere, so have my mom and my sis. I also asked my dad about it. And my older sis (who even don't live with us anymore). I am going nuts. I don't understand where it is. It doesn't have feet to walk a away whenever it wants, does it? But it's gone. Damn.
So, no free ticket. I had to buy tickets now. It was a loss of money. But at least i knew where it went and i got something for it. I suppose we loose something every day, but the difference is whether we loose it on purpose or accidentally. Second one sucks!

Okay, enough of that crazy talk. I am waiting for J to have a little late night chat and then I'm ready to sleep ( can't say I'm off to bed then coz i already are on my bed). I hope I'll have better dreams this night than i had last night!



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