Thursday, December 20, 2012's cold outside!

I walked to Jay's work today again. It was so cold outside, but I enjoyed walking. The weather is actually very nice - a real winter day! When he went to work, I walked back. I had taken my camera with me, so I stopped several times to take photos. Because of this I walked home pretty long. It would have taken even more, but my camera batteries died and I couldn't take as many photos as I wanted. One thing that sucks is that it's hard to take photos when it's so cold outside. My fingers just don't work that well when they are frozen. Anyway, when I finally arrived home after an hour walk from Jay's work my legs, nose and fingers were totally frozen. At home I first put one more sweater on and ate marzipan that I got from my Christmas stocking today morning. I would like to say that all this coldness is gone from my body and I feel warm again, but I would be lying. I'm still so cold!!! I think I wll have a lunch soon - French fries with fish and salad. That should heat me up! :)
Sun was setting at 2.45 pm. It's a sign that we live in North Europe!

Few berries are still hunging on a snowy branch.
Oh, I just have to mention what really annoys me. Jay ahve some analyses done last week and he was told to call his doctor today. He tried to call several times, but no-one answered. And then he had to go to work. So, he asked me to call. And I did. I am his fiance you know. But they didn't give me any information. I know it's their work etics, but it still annoys me because these analyses weren't anything serious, and I am his fiance. HE asked me to call. But yeah, I know this is how it works..I have seen it from the movies, but I always thought it was about more serious cases. So stupid of me to think I would call and get the results so easily. Well, he can call tomorrow again, I hope they'll asnwer before he must go to work.

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