Friday, December 14, 2012

yayy, time to relax!!!

I cannot believe the internship is over. I gave last two classes yesterday morning. I really looked forward to the end of the intership because it was a very busy time. But now that it's over I can truly enjoy the holidays, rest and relax!
Jay came home on Wednesday. We were at home the whole day. Just watched tv, ate that pizza I made and I also made a really good dinner! 
Yesterday we went shopping and just had lunch out. And we also went to see "The Hobbit". It was such a good movie! By the way, I finally found these gorgeous nailpolishes that I have been wating to have, so yayyy! These are sooo pretty and shiny and glittery :D
Yestrday before we came home we bought some food and I wanted Waldorf salad because it looked delicious. But today morning when I wanted to eat it I realized it's not so delicious at all. I liked the walnuts in there and apples and grapes, but everything else was sooo yuk! I had to throw the whole salad away coz it made me sick :S But at least now I know this salad is not for me!!!
Jay went to his dad's in the morning and I decided it's perfect time to clean the apartment, I also took a shower, I am going to watch some youtube vlogmases videos, will watch few episodes of Modern Family and then read a book. I might bake some more ginger cookies! Jay took a veryyyy delicious ginger cookie dough from Finland and I seriously LOVE it. The cookies taste so differently from usual ginger cookies. Yum!
Oh, I had Geisha chocolate in my stocking today, yesterday there was Raffaello :) I love that little dwarf who visits my stocking while I am sleeping :) 

My new glittery nailpolishes!

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