Saturday, December 29, 2012

hate and love for food

I startred thinking the other day that so much has changed since childhood - friends, home, fav food ect. Actually I mostly meant the food. I remember how I hated some particular foods when I was younger and I swore I'd never like them. But at some point it all changed. When? How? Why? Interesting. I really heated corn, crabs, crabsticks, fish, mushrooms, beans, boiled carrot, paprika, buckwheat, maybe something more. But now I love these all :) I don't just like them, but I love them!!! There are of course still two things from my childhood that I don't like so much, I can eat them, but I don't enjoy them - jelly and liver. It's funny I have never liked liver (in a sauce for example), but I love liver pate and liver sausage. It's weird how you taste something and you don't like the taste. And over years you start loving it. I think if I have children one day and they don't want to eat something because it's not tasteful for them, then I'll just tell them my story and I don't ask for them to eat the food they don't like.. One day when they grow up they might start loving it anyway! :)


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