Monday, July 21, 2014

4 days in Estonia

We had a nice 4-days vacation in Estonia. On our first day we visited Jay's dad in Tallinn, went to the movies to see Transformers: Age of Extinction, and enjoyed good food! Very first thing we did was renting a car. We got a nice Skoda Superb that looked so cool and pretty! And it was so comfortable to drive it! Anyway, that was Wednesday. We stayed at my sister's house. Next morning we started our drive to Pärnu. We visited Jay's grandmother on the way there. So, we spent about an hour in Türi. I love her garden. It's kinda exotic and flowers are just soo tall! Love it :) And it was really old and small swing set there. I was swinging, eating gooseberries and blackcurrants. Summer, oh how I love it!

Then we kept driving and soon we arrived to Pärnu. First, we found our hotel and registered in. Our hotel room was very cozy and homey! Very clean and just lovely for a couple :) We were pretty hungry so we went to have a lunch at restoran Kroon. I really recommend their food! I got a stuffed pancake with mushrooms, zucchini and salad and for drink I had delicious fresh berry smoothie. After that food I was so full but at the same time I felt so good :) After that we went to the beach where we spent rest of our day. The weather was very nice and the sea water was just perfect! Only negative thing was that you have to walk soooo long before you can actually swim because the water just isn't deep. 

We triedto throw stones to each others belly buttons :D I won!

On the third day we decided to go to the water center Tervise Paradiis. We spent there over three hours and had so much fun :) We got to slide down these crazy tubes, sunabath at the balcony, I drank so yummie strawberry-mint smoothie and more and more swimming! I have always been afraid of jumping to the water, but finally I had courage to do it..and sure I kept jumping and jumping because I really liked it :D
So, after the long day in the water we had dinner ar Steffani's and then we drove back to Kohila where we stayed overnight. 
Next morning we visited my grandparents and then went to Tallinn and gave back the rental car. We still had about 6 hours until we had to go to the ship, so we walked around. There were Sea days near harbour. We also went to the Energy center (which was pretty borning) and then we had lunch and went to the movies to see Dawn of the Planets of the Apes. It was quite good :)
There 4 days were so nice :) We really got to enjoy ourselves, we laughed a lot, took our time with things and just relaxed and enjoyed warm summer days!

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