Saturday, July 26, 2014

These happy summer days..

I cannot believe that my summer holiday is slowly but surely going to end... I'll go back to work on 30th July. But I know that summer and hopefully good weather are going to continue! :)
When we came back from our 4-days trip in Estonia my sister came to my place and so we enjoyed few days together. We went to zumba together and she loved it as much as I did :) We also had long walks, went to pick blueberries (it was my second time this summer) and we cooked good food! She went back to Estonia on Wednesday. I went to Estonia the next day. I had doctor's appointment in Tallinn. I was really sure whether to go or not, but I decided to go because health is so important. But came out that everything was okay (my throat was the problem why I went in first place..). Since I was in Tallinn for a day I tried to do other "important" things. I copied my diploma that I need to send to the Board of Education in Finland. I also had delicious smoothie (from Coca Cola Plaza), went to the shops and had lunch at Lido. I took a book with me so whenever I was bored I just sat somewhere and read :) I was reading "Before I Fall" by Lauren Oliver. It was such a great book!!!!!!!! I am so sad that I read it through. I just love reading good books!

I bought super yum milk custard from Estonia and I ate it with  fresh strweberry jam that I made! Delicious summer dessert!

Anyway, yesterday and today I have mainly been at home, reading. :D Actually I have been riding my new bike, as well. Yes, I have a new bicycle :D I am super happy! My dad bought it for me as a graduation gift. I love the bike. It's called Raleigh and it's perfect! My white horse :D 

You can see bag of peas and buffed corn in the basket (I just came from the shop:P)
Today I went to the outdoor swimming place, sunbathed for a while (and read a book) and then later I went to the shop to buy peas. Oh how I love peas! I have been buying them so much this summer :D I can't get enough! And to end my day perfectly, I went swimming with dad to the near by lake. The water was sooo warm! We are going again tomorrow :)

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