Saturday, July 12, 2014

Great summer books!

I love reading and when I graduated university and my holiday started I was so happy to be able to read as much as I wanted!
I have already written reviews of some of the books that I have recently read. But I haven't written anything of the following books:

"The Longest Ride" by Nicholas Sparks
All N. Sparks books are very romantic, but very realistic and true to life. He's books tend to end either happily or very sadly. So, while I am reading I am always wondering which was the story is going to turn out. I was so pleasently surprised with the story he had greated. It was interesting, flowing and eventhough suspected what might happen at the end I wasn't sure. And I wasn't entirely right either. But reading this book and prediction what might happen made me somehow so excited and happy! It was such a beautiful story of LOVE! 
"Picture Perfect" by Jodi Picoult
This is quite an old book, published in 1995. But that didn't make the reading experience less boring. I love Jodi Picoult as an author. All her books are so compelling, you really can't know what comes next, how the story will end ect. She has some sort of mystery in her book. 
This book is a story of companionship and love, but not in an typical romantic andeasy way. It really is something that might happen in real life...and how hard it is to love someone and at the same time get hurt and hate the one you love. But much harder it is to turn your back to the person who loves and needs you...
I felt many emotions when I was reading this book.. sometimes it made me mad, then sad, then happy, angry, excited ect. At the end I was just neutral. 

"Shattered" by Teri Terry
It is the last book of her trilogy series. I love the whole consept of this trilogy. I have written about the first book here.
I feel it's very hard to write about this book because the story is just so rich. There are so many layers and so much action. But I highly suggest to read this book. I have never come across a writer who writes with such a flow. There really isn't time to take a breath. She has lots of dialog in her books. She also just makes everything happen. In lots of books you feel like that something is about to happen, but it takes like 20 pages.. In her books it takes 1 page! And that's why it's so interesting to read! Even thinking about it makes me so excited all over again :D

"The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini
I have read all Khaled Hosseini' books. I like how truthfully he writes about life in Afghanistan. It's cruel, sometimes ugly, mostly sad. But it's so realistic. I leant so much new from this book. 
It's a story of a boy who's dad is rich and well known. They have a housekeeper who has a son. So, both of the boys are good friends inside of the house and in their garden. But out they are not because it's not normal to be friends with different social status people. These boys are like brothers. But one day changes everything... 

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