Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And here we go again..

I cannot believe im back in University. My second year. Oh. It's my 6th day and im feeling so tired of it. Why do we have to get so much homework? I seriously feel i have million things to do, i have to be in million places at once and so on. How can i do that all?
My uni friends are planning to go to a party on Thursday night. I so want to go and have fun, but if im thinking of what i need to do, i don't have a mood to relax and have fun. Is that wrong?
Well, but im still going. I hope i wont regret that! This weekend is going to be one of the thoughest! I'll have super hard Estonian test. I've so much material to work through. Im SO not looking forward to it:S Help me! I need a lot of energy!


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