Friday, September 3, 2010

Letters To Juliet

If you are craving for something that could move you, something that goes deep into your heart, then watch a movie called Letters To Juliet. It's full of passion, love, beliefs and destiny.
Do i believe in destiny? Yes, i do. I believe that if i wouldn't have met certain people in my life, then my current life would have lead in different way. Do i regret anything? No, i dont. Sometimes i only wish i could go back, and live the same moments over and over again. Maybe i would appreciate these even more than i did back then. But other than that i dont regret anything.
I also believe destiny is in our hands, at least a part of it. We make decisions every day. And we make the right ones. Because in the end of the day, our decisions make us who we are. We must never regret, cry for the past. We must move forward and know that we can make a change, our actions matter! We can make our own destiny:)
Letters To Juliet inspired me to write this blog, but it didnt inspire me to think like that. I've always owned this view of life and our actions.
If we believe, everything's possible. If we fail, we learn and try again.
If we love, we'll be loved back.

- Juliet

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