Friday, September 17, 2010


Rainy. Cold. = Autumn.
A cup of tea, hot apple pie right from the oven, candles, fire in the fireplace, cozy and warm blanket, good music or company. And i don't mind if it rains then or if it's cold long as I'm at home :) That's what i like the most about Autumn. Cold and dark nights. I can be at home, warm and cozy. I love it<3
Yesterday night i had GNO with my friends. We had tons of fun. And i don't regret going. I got to relax and just goof around with my girls! Quality time! Anywho, only thing that sucked was the weather. It was so cold. Maybe it was because of out lack of sleep, but still.. it was SO cold. I was totally shaking. We were partying until morning..i went straight home by first train at 7am. Sadly it was really cold in the train too. At least I was cold, don't know about others. When i arrived home i went to bed, covered myself with two blankets, and i even wore socks. I felt how my toes and whole body started warming up! And then i fell asleep:) I slept for about 4 hours.
I forgot to mention that when i was out i was wearing leggings and my ballerina shoes. But since i came home dead cold, i decided to face the fact that it's 10 C degrees outside and i should start covering up if i don't want to get sick. So, i need to take my boots out and autumn jacket too. Oh, and i need a scarf!!! Very important! My neck was SO freezing and today my voice is really shakey and weird!:/ So, i need to get a new scarf asap!!!
Tomorrow and Sunday will be super busy days. I just hope studying for the big test won't be that hard after all. Please! I don't feel like being my face in the book the whole weekend.

Btw, i finally managed to watch the new episodes of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.i had been missing these shows so much! That's another thing i love about autumn. So many new shows and new seasons starts:) Whoe!=)

Okiedokie, im going to keep doing some math exercises and maybe read a book?! Or practice Spanish. Yupp, im taking Spanish classes now. Cool, isn't it?!=)

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