Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer out, Autumn in.

I posted a blog in July about my summer list. Now that summer is over, though not officially according to calendar, but since school year has started i feel like summer's over too..besides it's a real fall weather outside(read: cold, windy and rainy!), i feel it's right time to cross out all done things in my Summer List.
I'll copy here my List and put a tick(*) after all these that i managed to do:)

read outside as much as possible *
sleep in a tent * (two times!)
go on ride bikes *
get sun-tanned *
eat good and fresh healthy food *
swim a lot * (never swum so much in one summer as this summer!)
spend time at the beach!! * (more than i imagined i would)
play with Bonnie *
go to forest to pick wild strawberries
take lots of photos *
eat a lot of berries&apples&pears * (pears are not ready yet, but i'm planning to eat them)
go camping
have breakfast in the garden * (not so much breakfast, but had lots of lunches and dinners) outside!)
more blog posts * (not much tho becoz of my work in Finland)
arrange my photo album * (did, but now it's kinda messy again:/)
make peach + brown sugar muffins (still hoping to do that soon!)

lots of smoothies *
new bikinis *
a picnic
long sleepless nights *
good time with my friends&family *
Miley's new album on repeat! *
a chance to pick huckleberries
colored toe nails * (only once, but it lasted for 3 weeks i guess.Lol)
time to write to my diary more often * (i cant say MORE often, but enough..)
more talks with Elisa

happy * (it was the best summer ever!)
as blessed as ever before *
grateful *
succeeded *
proud *
full of delicious summer food *

So, as it seems i can say my Summer List was a good idea since i really managed to do most of my plans/dreams. Summer 2010 was amazing. Im always gonna remember it! And if i need a reminder i can always read my blog or diary:)
But now im fully ready for the Autumn 2010. Let's hope it's colorful and successful and just a really happy time.
I'm planning to make an Autumn List too.

PS! I never know which should i use..fall or autumn. I know one is American and other British. haha. I love them both. Fall could be more confusing tho coz it has other meanings too. So, i'll stick to autumn right now :)

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