Saturday, September 25, 2010

step by step..getting closer..

I finally took some time to sit down and write. My days have been so busy. Mostly because of university. All the classes im taking are very important. Now i feel they are all teaching me something and i can't miss a thing! I get lots of home assignments that need a lot of time to work with. It's all actually exciting because i feel i'm learning everything that i can one day put into practice when im a teacher! Even though it's only my second year i feel the end aren't that far after all! We are already going to visit primary schools, practicing how to be a teacher. I truly love it! When i first thought it's my passion, now i KNOW it! And it's so good to be able to do something that i really love! I feel so motivated, full of ideas and so ready to face the real life of teaching!
It's also a really hard work. I never imagine how much time it takes to prepare one class. There are plans i need to make, phrase every lesson's aim and later analyse it, ect ect.
Right now i am really enjoying what im studying, even though i'm overloaded by home assignments.
Well well well. Not to think that im only studying(a geek) i'll write about my other passions too. lol. Friends. I don't know if it's a passing, but i just love hunging out with my friends! We have so much fun together! We had another girls night out on Wednesday. First we were at Jaana's place and then we went to the Old Town to the pubs/clubs. Our first visit was to the Tonic where we danced a lot. There's always so good music! Later we went to the Pub With No Name. There we were just sitting and talking until the pub was closed at 4am. We took a taxi back at Jaana's. It was a long night and we all fell asleep like babies. Morning wake up was at 10:30am. We got ready and went to uni. Gerli and Jaana had art class and i went with them. It was so fun watching them to paint. Gosh! I miss painting. Here are my girls:

So yeah!
I don't remember if i have mentioned, but i'm taking Spanish classes. I go there with Marina. It's actually so much fun! Teacher is Spanish so he mostly talks in Spanish and also in English. We sit right in front of the teacher's desk because then he doesn't ask us so much and of course we have a better view to the blackboard! ;) We are learning a LOT there!

Now im having a 3-days weekend! I love the fact that i have Fridays off. It gives me more time to do home assignments and plan my week. So, yesterday i managed to get done with all that i had planned and today also. It's only 2:20pm, but i've already done with all my schoolwork! I'm going to clean my room, take a shower and then i'll go to Tallinn with my family. We are going to the movies to see Eat, Pray, Love. I think it's our first time to go to the movies all together! I've once gone to the movies with dad, but i was about 9 y.o then. And mom's never been into movies. But she loves Julia Roberts and she also ordered the book ("Eat, Pray, Love"). So, she wants to see the movie before she reads the book. It's gonna be a fun night! Family quality time!:)

Oh, i just remembered i still have to post few blogs of the recipes i've tried. I'll do that later today if i have time. If not, i'll do that some other day!
I better go and start cleaning my room.
I'd love to go to the garden right now to be honest. It's such a sunny weather today! Can't believe it's officially autumn now! Time flies!

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