Saturday, March 5, 2011


I'll never ever say anything till its 100%. I hate if i hope and wait and then bam everything changes. I have actually always thought that there's no reason to be so happy over something until you are sure it's happening, like 100% sure. Today when J told me he's coming i was soooo happy. And for a brief moment i was thinking what if he didn't come after all. I knew i shouldn't have been so sure abt his coming. But i had been waiting him for sooo long and if he told he's coming i didn't want to doubt. But now he texted me he can't come today. I know it's not his fault or anything, but it still hurts and sucks! ahhhhh, hate it! What am i gonna do the whole day today? Yesterday i watched all my fav tv shows, i studied and today i didn't go to my aunt's birthday with my parents coz i thought J is coming home =/ Sucks big time!

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