Wednesday, March 16, 2011

happy-happy-happy =D

Oh, i don't know where do begin. Well, my 21st birthday is coming up soon. I already know what i am getting from mom and dad. I'll get a trip to Ireland. My older sis is going to visit her husband and so me and my younger sis will go, too. Super nice present from mom and dad :) I cannot wait. BUT what makes it all even greater is that Johannes is coming too. I still cannot believe it. But came up he has a week off from work the exact week. And yesterday he quickly bought a ticket to the same flight too! I am SO SO SO SO HAPPY! It'll be the best vacation ever!!!!!
Anyway, we are leaving on 24th March and will come back on 31st March. So, we'll be away exactly a week. I so need to rest and relax and just enjoy the freedom.
What makes me sad a bit is that Johannes is going to Germany on 2nd April...for a week. It means he won't be here on my 21st birthday :(
But that's okay. At least we can be together the whole week in Ireland. And we can celebrate my birthday whenever he's back from Germany :):)
But yeah. I can't wait till tomorrow is over. I have one hard exam.
On Friday i am going to the hair dresser and at night i am going to Dub FX's concert. Johannes got me a free ticket :) He really likes Dub FX and we planned to go to the concert together, but now came up he must work at that night. But he still wants me to go. I quite like Dub FX. He's from AU ;) Pretty cool guy :D haha.

On Friday night i am going to my granny's (she's not home tho). And later at night J will go there too :) And we'll spend the whole Saturday together in Tallinn. We havent been to the movies and out for dinner for so long. I hope it'll be a beautiful day :)

Don't forget that i need a lot of luck for tomorrow's test! Thanks :):)

PS! The weather is so nice. Very sunnnnnnyyy :) It makes me even more happier! :)

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