Saturday, March 12, 2011

:O It's Saturday!

The whole day i have had a feeling like it was a Sunday. So, you can imagine my surprise AND happiness when i figured out it's Saturday! Whoe! I have managed to done some of the school stuff today..but not all. J went to work by 2pm and after that i've been studying(and just surfing on the net:P). Oh, i also made a sin. I ate chocolate. A lot of chocolate. Actually i think i have only half of the three huge chocolates that J gave me. I just love chocolate so much and i can't stop eating it. But honestly, right now i feel like i want something fresh.. fruits and stuff!!!! I ate muesli with banana today! Delicious! Seriously, i can't understand whym but i so love muesli. I eat it EVERY morning and i'm still not sick of it yet! Wow, huh?:D
Anyway, J is coming tonight very late. I suppose i am going to bed and won't wait for him. But who knows. Tomorrow i am planning to bake a little. Hm, what else.
Oh, it's official now that i'm going to Ireland :) So, i'll be gone from 24th March till 31th. I'm sure i'll be super fun trip with my sisters! The best birthday gift from my parents!

I got a little surprise from Elisa yesterday. I finally got the pack she sent me for Valetnine's Day. It took somehow so long to arrive here. Anyway, yesterday i got it. Besides a loving and such a sweet letter i also got lip palm. It smells so good! I like that it's natural! And it doesn't make my lips burn (most of lipsticks make my lips feel like they are burning:/). So, i am extra happy for that sweet gift!=)

I want an apple.. just like that!

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