Saturday, February 23, 2013

guess what?

Guess what? I am in Finland!!! Yeah! I talked to Jay on Thursday night on skype. I missed him so much. And then he suddenly asked me to go to Finland for the weekend (I have three days weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday). I was hyper happy!!! So, I quickly booked the ticket for the next morning boat, 7.30am! I couldn't wait to be with Jay again! The boat ride went so quickly. I slept most of the time. The train ride was quick too. I arrived in Hyvinkää 11am already. Jay was at work at that time, so I went to my dad's place and hung out with him for few hours. Then by 3pm I went to Jay's work to meet him, then we walked to the foodshop and then to his place. I made lunch for us. From the foodshop Jay bought me the most delicious cupcake ever - Dumle cupcake! It was heavenly good. Check out the photo of it! Oh, he also bought his favorite Domino cookies with extra cream. These are sooo yummie!
At 8pm we went to the sauna. Oh, it was sooo good! I love going to sauna! After the sauna I was reading a book, Jay was playing a game on his laptop. But soon he came to cuddle me and we fell asleep.
Today I have been doing some university stuff. Jay is at work right now. But in 2 hours I will go to his workplace to meet him! Then we'll have lunch and just hung out. We'll probably watch a movie together. I will go back to Estonia tomorrow by 4.30pm boat. I am sooo happy I get to spend these three days with Jay :)
Delicious cupcake!


PS! I am really looking forward to spring!

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