Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shrove Tuesday

I am so glad that I had only quite pretty short classes today because I just needed some rest. But even though when my body is resting, my head still works so hard - there's so much to think about. One word - master research! My head is full of thoughts and yet everything is so blurry and confusing. And it's hard to relax when I know I should be doing something important like reading some books for my research or something. Oh well, I am glad it's a long process and I don't have to deal with the whole research today! I keep telling myself that I have more than year to write it! It makes me a little bity calmer.
Anywho, it's Shrove Tuesday today and before heading home from university I hopped by a bakery and bought myself a traditional whipped-cream filled bun I bought just one. But when I ate it at home I wished I had bought some more. I saw at the bakery that there were also buns with marzipan and bus with jel. So, I might go see tomorrow if they still have some. I am craving for these right now! At home I really enjoyed watching tv and knitting a sock. I haven't had much time to knit, but I try to knit every day a little bit. I hope to finish Jay's second sock of the pair soon :)
Speaking of Jay, he's coming home on Sunday morning and I cannot wait! Tomorrow will be our special day  - 2,5 years anniversary! We'll definitely celebrate that and Valentine's Day when he gets back home! And a new episode of The Walking Dead is out, so we are definitely going to watch that!!!!
Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that I had my friends over on Saturday night. We talked, took photos and ate. I ate obviously too much! I felt soooo bad the next day. I felt like I have partied the whole night even though the guests left my place 11pm. But thankfully Sunday was free and I got to rest:)
I'm planning doing some schoolwork tomorrow and I also have Finnish course at 4pm. 
I seriously can't wait till Sunday!!!!!

Head vastlapäeva! Happy Shrove Tuesday!

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