Wednesday, February 6, 2013

strong for you

I haven't bloged for few days because I was really enjoying these days and I didn't spend time on the Internet at all. Jay came home on Saturday morning and ohhh how excited and happy I was. Seeing him and being with him is the best thing in the world. I guess everybody who has someone to love understands me. We spent the whole Saturday at home, just cuddling and watching tv together. On Sunday we went to the movies to see "Hansel and Grethel". It was very good and interesting. After the movie we just walked around and went home. I made dinners every evening, by the way! :) I had university on Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully not for long. On Monday I have one class and later in the evening Finnish class. On Tuesday I only have one class in the morning. I was pretty sad when I was coming home from university because I knew Jay must go to harbor and back to Finland on Tuesday evening. When I arrived home Jay hugged me and I asked if he wants to go to the foodshop before heading to the harbor so he can buy some food to take with him. He said no. I asked why? He said he's not going that day... his boss texted him and told him to go to work on Wednesday afternoon! So it meant Jay could go to Finland on Wednesday morning:) I was sooo happy! Seriously! I was repeating the whole night how happy I am that he's still at home :) 
But today early morning he had to leave. I was so sad. It's so hard to be away from him, but I try to be strong and I keep thinking that in less that a year I will move to Finland and we don't have to be apart from each other!!!
Right now all I can do is focus on my studies, learn Finnish as good as possible, and start writing my master research!!! 
I hope this week will pass quickly and then I have only one more week left till Jay comes back at home. I cannot wait till 17th Feb morning :)

I think that if you have faith then all these things you want will come to you... with a little bit of hard work from yourself!  

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