Tuesday, February 26, 2013

unusual for me

This winter has had the weirdes affect on me. Comparing to all other winters in my life. Where should I start? All out winters are cold and snowy. People tend to get a runny nose or have a sore throat. I do usually too (this winter I have been suprisingly well though). But what is unusual is that when winter and the first coldness arrived my lips got so broken. I have never had broken lips before! They are now so tender. So, ever since November I have been using Blistex lip protector lippalm whenever I go outside. I have been also occasionly brushing my lips with honey. It makes my lips so soft. I use a toothbrush that it's meant for babies..it's pretty soft.
That's not all. At one point I realized that my feet were so dry..and my hands. So, I have been doing warm baths for my feet and it has really helped. Now my feet are just fine! I also use handcream every night before I go to bed. I bought a nail oil for nails and nailskin. I have been using that every night too. It makes miracles! Love it despite it's odd smell. 
Of course I have been drinking a lot of tea and eating quite a lot sweets... We need energy in this cold and dark season. 

All you need for soft lips are honey and toothbrush :)
Having a nice warm bath for my feet :)

I made a blueberry cake with a little drop of lemon...delicious!

Thankfully it has been very sunny for last few days. So, I really hope I don't need to worry about my dry lips, hands or feet anymore :) Spring and sun gives me new energy and I love it! I am taking D-vitamine right now and I hope it boosts me some energy that I need. :)

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