Sunday, February 1, 2015

Things I'm looking forward to...

I love when I have some things to look forward to. I am not talking about weekends, or meeting friends. Those happen anyway and I always look forward to these days :)

But you know, sometimes you plan ahead a trip, event ect. I am so hyped and excited about four different events:

Katy Perry concert - it'll be on 18th March, so it's the first of these events/happenings that I am looking forward to. I don't have many artists whose concert I'd like to see, but Katy Perry is the one I really want to go to!!! I already know that I will love that concert!

Väriestejuoksu - this is something so different and fun! It's this color run (about 5km) where you have different obstacles on your way. I am going there with my friend Jane and I am sure we are going to have sooo much fun. And to top that off - at the end of the event there will be a fun color party ;) More about the event HERE.

Trip to Turkey - both of my sisters and I will go to Turkey, Alanya for a week in the beginning of May. The plan came so quickly..and within days we had boughts the tickets. I am so excited! Last summer when me and my older sis went together to Turkey (Kemer) then we had so much fun!!! I am sure this year it'll be even better..we are more ready for it and we know more about Turkey ;)
I took this photo last summer in Kemer, Turkey

Naisten Kymppi - I have been to Naisten Kymppi once in my life..I think I was 13 y.o. Every year my family takes part of May Running Day (Maijooks), but since I live in Finland now, it'll be just easier to go to Naisten Kymppi (it's basically the same as Maijooks, only the distance is 10km instead of 7km). I am going there again with my friend Jane. I guess we both will start jogging/running when the snow melts, so we can be ready for that 10km distance :) More about Naisten Kymppi HERE.

I definitely have some fun events and trips to look forward to among with all the little daily and weekly things!