Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sunny, sunny, sunny

I made little ham and cheese pies for Jay the other day. He liked these and asked me to do more. He went to Finland yesterday morning and he's coming back tomorrow morning. So, today I made him more little pies :) When he comes home tomorrow I know he'll be so hungry! I also picked up some recipes from the cooking books that Jay bought me (he bought me 6 cooking books that were on sale!). It means I must cook a lot now. I am going to make chickem fajitas tomorrow for lunch and for dinner I'll make homemade fried potatoes and a big ground beef burger. Plus of course some salad (coz I don't eat meat).
I still have that rhubarb cake left because it's so big. But my sis is coming sleep over tonight, so there won't be much left after we'll have a tea and a piece of cake :)
I finished reading "The Hunger Games" today! Gosh, it was so good! I am going to start reading the second book now, called "Catching Fire". I am so excited to get to know what's going to happen next!
It is such a wonderful weather today. It's sunny and about 17 C degrees outside, maybe more. I went to the eye doctor today. She checked my vision clearity and said I see now 120%...better that they planned :D haha. Very good! When I was going to the doctor's, my shoes started to hurt my heels. So, I went to the drug store to buy band-aid. When I finally put that on my both heels and watched the time I realized I am so late to my appointment. The time was 9.47am and my appointment was 9.50am. I ran to a tram and when I got off the tram I ran so fast to the medicine center. And luckily I was late just 3 minutes. The vision check up took only 3 minutes as well... So, basically I run out of my breath only to be at the center for 3 minutes. Before I went home I went to the shop to buy ham and I also bought a watermelon. At home first thing I did I ate few slices of that delicious and juicy watermelon - it was my first this year! So good!
 I am off to my bed now to take a cozy position and read "Catching Fire"! :)

Btw, I finally had an opportunity to eat that frozen yogurt that finally came to Estonia, too! So yummie! I am definitely going to buy it more! I can't wait till they have more flavors and toppings, though!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

walking around

I just found few photos that I took in Finland when I was walking with Jay!

Sea of flowers!

Sign says it all...

Attention! This is not dogs' toilet!

A little walk with Jay!

day of rain

It's like a curse that every time when Jay comes to Estonia the weather turns out to be so bad... Yesterday when we arrived it was sunny and nice, but a bit windy. But last night started raining...and it countined today. It havent been raining like this since I don't know when. Oh, and the wind is so strong it might as well blow all hair out of my head. Lol.
Because of the bad weather Jay and I decided to go to the foodmarket by taxi. Before going to the foodshop we went to the bookstore and Jay bought me a cookbook that I have been really wanted to have. We also ate a piece of cake at the bookstore cafe. I ate baked-apple and whortleberry tosca cake which was DELICIOUS! At the foodmarekt we bought quite a lot of food so we wouldn't have to go for food shopping in a while now. 
When we wanted to go back home with all these bags we realized neither of us took our cellphones with us. So there rose a problem - how can we call a taxi?? But Jay figured all out. He went to the info table and asked them to call us taxi. Lol. They were nice enough and we got a taxi in 7 minutes :)
At home I made a dinner (more like an early lunch) for Jay and myself. I picked the recipe from the new cookbook that Jay bought me. And I also made a rhubarb cake which came out soooooo good! Definitely one of the best cake I've ever made. I most certainly will make it soon again when there's an occasion. Right now I have quite a lot of it still waiting for eaters. It's just that Jay doesn't like cakes and such sweet things. He likes salty pies. So, it means if I make a cake I must eat it all by myself. That's why I said I will make it again when it's an occation, for example someone's birthday..then there's will be other eaters beside me too! :)
Anyway, now we are just resting, relaxing and watching tv. It's so good to be at home!!!

The delicious rhubarb cake I made :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Is summer really here?

I think summer has finally arrived. It's been a very warm day today! I woke up at 11am in the morning. had a breakfast and then I decided to go rollerskating. O'boy, it was so hot outside. For some weird reason it's always so easy to rollerskate on way of the road, but when I turn around to rollerskate back home it's so hard!!! Like my legs don't want to move anymore.. But I still managed to get home..but I seriously felt that I was moving in slow motion when I had to rollerskate up the little hill.
Anyway, at home I finished reading "The Time of My Life" by Cecelia Ahern, which was very good book! My fav saying from the book:"I gave up on my life for a while, but what I've learned is that even when that happens and especially when that happens, life never gives up on you". It's so true! No matter how bad the situation is or how weak you feel, there's always something that helps you rise on your feet again and helps you to move on. For some it may take a while, for others not so much. But it always happens- if you let your life guide and help you!
After finishing that book, I started reading another one - the first book of "The Hunger Games" trilogy. Jay bought these books for him few months ago and now I finally have time to read them too :) So far the first book is interesting, a little boring for me since I have seen the movie, but there are definitely lots of parts in the book that aren't in the movie, so it's good!
We are going back home tomorrow. Dad is going too, so we are going to Helsinki by car, instead of train this time :) I cannot wait to get home. If we get home, we'll have a lunch some place in the city and then we'll buy some food since our fridge is quite empty and then we'll just watch tv and relax and ejoy being at home! Oh, I cannot wait to have some kohuke !!!

Yummiee! I'll eat you tomorrow! :)

I am also looking forward of going home and baking a rhubarb cake! I am craving for piece of it since I arrived to Finland. I guess I should go shopping to the market where they sell fresh and good estonian vegetables and other products of our land! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

13th June

Today morning Jay kissed me and wished me happy 13th June - our 1 year and 10 months anniversary:) It's so cute he remembered. I honestly didn't remember it was 13th today. But he's a good reminder ;) He said we can go to the shop and y something extra good for breakfast. He actually says that all the time, but still. He did today too! :D So, we did. It was 8am and we went to the foodshop, bought some yummie food. Then we had a breakfast, watched some tv (from 9am to 10 pm) and then fell asleep. I slept till 11am (so only 1 hour) coz I wanted to watch Home and Away. :D He slept till 7pm. Yeaahh! He was so tired coz he had a night shift. Anyway, I did some workout, took a shower, watched a movie, ate cherries, watched one episode of Pretty Little Liars and two episodes of Modern Family, ate some more cherries, read a book, ate an apple, read more, eat a yogurt. Yeah. when I am at home alone (Jay was sleeping so I was as same as alone) I get so bored...I do the things I like - read, watch tv and so on... but I also eat. A lot. I just get so tired when I am spending time with myself on my own. Haha! When Jay woke up 7pm, we watched football and went to the shop to buy some take-a-way dinner.
We are going back to Estonia on Saturday. Oh, I miss my bed (I say that every time I'm in Finland!). But it's true. And I miss just my home, my bedroom, my stuff, good estonian food and nice city of Tallinn. There's a lot to miss actually.
Anywho, I am reading Cecelia Aherns's newest book "The Time of My life" right now, which is sooo good! It's very interesting and deep and with a good message, like all her books! I reccomend!
Well, it's almost 1am... which means it's already tomorrow, 14th June. Yeah, I better go to bed to read a book and then it's sleepy time! :)

Jay makes me feel like a Princess! I am living a fairytale with my Prince Charming! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

noisy day

This noise is unbearable. First I thought the mashines were just in front of the building, but now I realized they are right behind our windows... Thank god the curtains are closed!!! They are fixing a roof of the building. But the noise is so loud! I wonder how Jay can even sleep right now. He poor thing is so tired I guess that he won't hear even the loudest noise. Good for him!
Anyway, I went to dad's place in the morning. We went for a walk and did some foodshopping, then ate an early lunch at his place. My stomach is so full!
Oh, at the foodshop I saw a really cute ice-cream maker. I have always wanted to make ice-cream. I know home made ones are way better! And I already have some few fav recipes! But I suppose there's no rush with it. First I want a big kitchen :D
I am actually quite tired. I suppose I am going to read a book and just relax!
The weather is so nice, by the way! I hope it'll last like that. It's Jaan's Day next week ;)

PS! I am so happy to be in Finland with Jay again! I totally enjoy every second I spend with him :)


 Mmmm, ain't these perfect for hot summer days??

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My world

Jay is my WORLD!

last week

A week has passed. Crazy, interesting week. I went to camp with my university friends. The camp was wayyyy better than last time - they actually treated us like humans! That's a lot! We had quite a lot free time, the weather was good (not too hot like last year) and the food was so good! But sure if we got to choose we wouldn't be there. I missed Jay a lot! I am going to Finland day after tomorrow! I can't wait to be with Jay!

Last time we came to Estonia, we first shopped in Helsinki and I got so many new summer clothes! '
Today I went to the skin doctor to get an explaination to the red dots on my skin. He explained what they are (nothing serious) and he wrote me a cream that I must apply twice a day for about a month. He also said I can't get sun until the dots have disappeared. I really hope they'll disappeare very quickly and I can still get some tan this summer! I don't want to be as white as a swan! 

Anyway, I went to Kohila today after the doctor. I'm so glad I can spend some with with my cat Chuck. I missed him, and I also missed Bonnie. Muffin and Tikker! I love my pets! 
Even tho I like to be in Kohila, it's quite boring here...But I am going home (back to Tallinn) tomorrow.

Oh, I got a big envelope from my friend Margaret from U.S.A. She went to Jana Kramer's concert and she sent me a photo of Jana Kramer with her autograph! I was sooooo delighted :D Such a surprise! She also sent me few more photos of the concert! It's such a sweet and thoughtful touch!