Friday, June 15, 2012

Is summer really here?

I think summer has finally arrived. It's been a very warm day today! I woke up at 11am in the morning. had a breakfast and then I decided to go rollerskating. O'boy, it was so hot outside. For some weird reason it's always so easy to rollerskate on way of the road, but when I turn around to rollerskate back home it's so hard!!! Like my legs don't want to move anymore.. But I still managed to get home..but I seriously felt that I was moving in slow motion when I had to rollerskate up the little hill.
Anyway, at home I finished reading "The Time of My Life" by Cecelia Ahern, which was very good book! My fav saying from the book:"I gave up on my life for a while, but what I've learned is that even when that happens and especially when that happens, life never gives up on you". It's so true! No matter how bad the situation is or how weak you feel, there's always something that helps you rise on your feet again and helps you to move on. For some it may take a while, for others not so much. But it always happens- if you let your life guide and help you!
After finishing that book, I started reading another one - the first book of "The Hunger Games" trilogy. Jay bought these books for him few months ago and now I finally have time to read them too :) So far the first book is interesting, a little boring for me since I have seen the movie, but there are definitely lots of parts in the book that aren't in the movie, so it's good!
We are going back home tomorrow. Dad is going too, so we are going to Helsinki by car, instead of train this time :) I cannot wait to get home. If we get home, we'll have a lunch some place in the city and then we'll buy some food since our fridge is quite empty and then we'll just watch tv and relax and ejoy being at home! Oh, I cannot wait to have some kohuke !!!

Yummiee! I'll eat you tomorrow! :)

I am also looking forward of going home and baking a rhubarb cake! I am craving for piece of it since I arrived to Finland. I guess I should go shopping to the market where they sell fresh and good estonian vegetables and other products of our land! :)

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