Saturday, October 30, 2010

must stop!

Why do i eat so much that later i feel so sick!? I know. Because there are SO many delicious food on the table and i want to try everything(in case later it'll be gone). Crazy! I seriously love birthday parties, but the dinners are too much!
I feel like i don't want (nor need) to eat for the next couple of months! But im pretty sure i've forgot it by tomorrow :/
But i PROMISE here that i will skip MOST DEFINITELYbreakfast tomorrow! I might only have a cup of tea. But lunch will be huge again...coz we have so much leftovers. How could i say no to my all time favorite food: oven baked salmon(:
Can't believe its Sunday tomorrow. Back to university on Monday. Gosh, time flies.

Today has been such a fun day! Made a very delicious cake, celebrated dad's birthday and so on. I wish Johannes was here. Then it would have been a perfect day. But i guess we can't have all the good things at the same least not always.

I just got a text from Marina. She passed her driving exam. Yay! Congratulations to her! We are going to celebrate it on Tuesday!(:

Okiedokie I better change my clothes, go to bed and read a book. Im reading Minu Nepaal (My Nepal) which is so interesting book! Gosh, i never get enough of travelling literature!

PS! It's 9pm right now, but we gotta turn the clock back it's 8pm. :/ Still so early..but im quite tired already. I sound so old! haha.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

never loose it..

Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Another snowy day! Gosh, it makes me so happy. I went out with my friends on Thursday night and i came home early morning. It was very cold. Then i decided to sleep for few hours.And when i woke up and looked out of the window it was snowing and ground and roofs were white. That made me seriously so happy. i don't know what's with me and the snow, but i just love it. Right now im in my room with three enlightened candles(two of them have a sugar&spice scent..smells like christmas)! How peaceful! I downloaded Enrique Iglesias' cd "Insomniac" because i heard it the other day when i was dining out. Gosh! These songs on her cd bring back so many memories! Winter 2007! I'll never forget his concert! It was amazing. I promise, if he comes back to Estonia, im going to his concert again!
Well, well. Since it's snowing and im in a chirstmas mood already i've been doing a lot of thinking.. trying to fugure out what christmas gifts to give to my friends. Every year im so late with buying gifts, so i decided to start buying gifts earlier this time to make sure i've money & ideas. :D haha.
I've made lists of gifts that i wanna give to some of my friends, but it's quite hard to come up with what to give to my boyfriend?! Please, i need help!!!Any ideas??

Anyway, yesterday started university break! Yay! No uni for one week. Me likey! Since i was so tired yesterday and day flied by so fast i didn't managed to write math essay. But today i was so good and just sat down and wrote the essay. And it was pretty fun to write it. I hope i did it well. So, now it's done! Some other day i have to study for Estonian test coz i have it on the first day back in university. Next weekend will be pretty busy coz it's dad birthday, so i probably wont have time to study then!
Ugh, enough of school stuff.

I hadn't eaten gummy bears for SO long so yesterday i bought a bag of them. I don't know why but red ones have ALWAYS been my favorite! I remember when i was about 12 years also i liked to dream a lot at nights. And i so remember dreaming of flying to another country by plane and if the stuard came and asked if i'd like to eat something, i'd tell: yes, red gummy bears, please! haha :) But hey, that's me and my dreams! I just wish they sold a pack of red gummy bears here!ONLY red ones! I know in usa they do!

Wild cherry flavor!

Okay, enough of small talk.

Oh, now some jokes. Three fun facts of Thursday!
1. I had a Spanish test. And i had no idea i had to study all the nationalities and countries in of course i didnt. But teacher asked them. And you can imagine how fun it was to invent my own Spanish vocablurary. At least teacher can laugh a lot while reading my test!
And after the test i talked to Marina(who also took the test)..And i asked how she made a sentence with a word "papelera"..She said she wrote: Esta sobre la mesa. (which means its on the table). I started laughing! Papelera means a "trash can". But she thought it means a paper. Lol. So, she wrote that a trash can is on the table=D

2. Math class was the craziest ever. The new topic we were learning was so boring and easy(7th grade!). And i did Spanish hw at the same time. Marina was just looking around and well we chatted the whole lesson. And i dont know when or how or why, but we both started laughing. And we just couldnt stop. When ever i looked at Marina or teacher or anyone, i started laughing even harder. And my whole body was jumping up and down and my face was red! Marina was cracking up too. And there we were together: laughing with no reason, teacher looking at us. And we just COULDNT stop. And then i told Marina that teacher has a funny hair today and omg we laughed even harder. I was sure teacher was going to ask what made us so much fun, but thank god he didnt. I think i wouldnt even been able to respond..
But im sure he thought we had used some kind of pills or something. We seriously were laughing sooooo much! It was the highlight of the day!=D

3. We went out at night and Jaana decided to take a tequila shots. O'boy, that was FUN! You should have seen her face! And how quick they worked on her. lol.
But i made a promise that on my 21th birthday i'll buy a tequila and we'll all drink it around the table, salt and lemon in one hand and tequila in the other hand! (: That will be fun! Lol

Ohh, haha, thinking about Thursday makes me laugh! :D
I got to laugh yesterday too! I talked to my bf on facebook and geez he was so funny! My BIG boy!Lol =D
Okay, okay. I better stop before i go insane again!

PS! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I woke up today morning and what i saw?! SNOW! Yup, it had been snowing last night! Love it! Of course it wasn't very much, but still the ground and roofs were covered with white soft snow. And of course it felt like Christmas are way closer than they really are. Damn, im graving for ginger cookies and mandarins. I miss Christmas joy!
But i gotta stick to the reality. I know sooner or later Christmas are here..and then they're gone again.
Right now i am trying to concentrate on my university studies. Math and Estonian tests went well, so im glad about that. Up coming week i'll have my first Spanish test(which will be really hard) and i'll have my this semester's first exams. Wish me luck!
But enough from school.

I just love 3-days weekends. I always manage to do so much! Yesterday besides studying i wathed Gossip Girl, make my scarf ready, went to the post office(twice!), did some pilates and just spent time on the net(too much time!). Today i studied for Spanish test, made myself super delcious omlette for lunch, visited my older sister with my younger one(had a nice sisters' time!), came back home and had fun watching tv with mom&dad. Also made a perfect muesli with mom! And what else?! Oh yea, we made a special room for pilates!(: And i looked for a recipe for tomorrow's lunch. I'll make a super delicious soup for my family. I'm right now so graving for a soup. So i decided to be the chef tomorrow! As i suppose breakfast chef will be dad... he'll make us pancakes:D Yumyum! Anywho, tomorrow will be a local fair, so i guess we'll go and check it out. And around 1ish pm i'll go to Tallinn. I'll meet Johannes there and spend the whole day with him. Going to stay over at granny's and then on Monday straight to university from granny's. Nice plans. Hope it all goes like that!
But i dont want to think too much ahead.. who knows how things could turn out.. Let's better wait and see.

I don't know why but lately i've been obsessed with rings. Especially coctail rings! Im lovin' these!
Well, well, well. As autum is here, i again have a list of needs. Lol. I save these from Christmas.
But here are few things i have right now in my mind that i'd like to get:

I love nail polishes by Rimmel London. & i'd love to get the Coral Romance nail polish!So pretty!

Gosh! I love that perfume! I know it's old, but i still love it<3

Since winter is coming i really want black uggs!!!!!!

I'm going to bed with my laptop now to watch Hellcats!(:


Sunday, October 3, 2010

missing you.

Ugh, it's weird, but if J is away then im feeling so lazy and weird. Empty?! Anyway, i can't wait till he comes back!!! So wanna see him!
Miss you, J!


I've had again busy busy week! This weekend i felt extremely lazy and i studied way less that i would should have! But let's hope tomorrow's estonian test goes well. Please, please, please!!!!!!!!
Well, it's been sunny and cold and windy. I like it. Fall is just so colorful. There are all kind of colors of leaves in the ground..and some still on the trees. Oh, and we have so many apples. I'm seriously eating them in every 5 minutes. Crazy! But i love it.
Anyway, today i went to Tallinn and bought some really delicious healthy sweets! I also got the photos from photo shop that i had ordered to get a copy of. I's so happy! I'll put them to the photoalbum today! I'll order some new copies soon. I've a cool new idea of how to make birthday/christams/V-day cards! Photos are perfect for these!!! I just love photos! Always have and always will! Lol
Geez, it's such a pointless blogpost. I better go downstairs, watch tv and eat some apples!