Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've had again busy busy week! This weekend i felt extremely lazy and i studied way less that i would should have! But let's hope tomorrow's estonian test goes well. Please, please, please!!!!!!!!
Well, it's been sunny and cold and windy. I like it. Fall is just so colorful. There are all kind of colors of leaves in the ground..and some still on the trees. Oh, and we have so many apples. I'm seriously eating them in every 5 minutes. Crazy! But i love it.
Anyway, today i went to Tallinn and bought some really delicious healthy sweets! I also got the photos from photo shop that i had ordered to get a copy of. I's so happy! I'll put them to the photoalbum today! I'll order some new copies soon. I've a cool new idea of how to make birthday/christams/V-day cards! Photos are perfect for these!!! I just love photos! Always have and always will! Lol
Geez, it's such a pointless blogpost. I better go downstairs, watch tv and eat some apples!


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