Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what words are for..

When i first time listened to this song, i totally fell in love with it. The melody, the lyrics and the story behind it. His life. How one moment can change everything. This song definitely teaches how much we must appreciate what we have because we can never know how things can turn out. I am always very positive and i like to be happy for everything good i have in my life. And i try to think twice before i say something out loud or before i act someway. Everything depends on us. We can choose how we act or speak. There's no reason to cause problems or small fights. Even if you eventually make up, there's no point in fighting at first place. You don't want to have bad memories. Only the good ones because these are the ones that matter and the ones what you want to remember in 5, 10 or 20 years :)

my life.

The title this post entry isn't because of the fact that i am going to write here about my life. But it's because of who is my LIFE. Johannes. He's my everything. And i cannot be happier. Everything is just so great if i know he's in my life, always with me. Love is such a powerful thing.

Last week and weekend were so sweet. On Thursday we had a dinner at Chopstick and later watched by seaside and watched sunset. It was so beautiful. On Friday J had to work. Later i went to pick him up and we went to my friend's birthday. On Saturday we spent the day in Tallinn. We went to the movies and had a dinner at Mandarin's. On Sunday we did some work in the garden, had a little BBQ and just spent time together! On Monday J went to work again. I went to the railway station when he came back, went to the food shop and walked home. It was so good to walk with him and just to know that he's with me!:) At home we ate and watched a movie (Knocked Up). And yesterday early morning we went to Tallinn. J had to go to Finland. But luckily he's coming back tonight! I cannot wait to see my Prince again!!!
Things are so good. Sometimes it's scary. There's a saying that if things are very bad you can be glad that they can't go any worse. But what if things are very good, the best.. does it means it can't go any better? Only worse? I don't want anything to change. Not forward any bad situations. But i know that no matter what we can always sort things out and there's always sun in our life!

Okay, things are good. But to be honest right now i don't feel the best. It's not because of J. But because of university. I am overloaded with deadlines and million home assignments and upcoming exams which are super hard btw. :/ I seriously need to rest. And i cannot wait till next week's Elus loodus exam is over. I study and study and study, but i still don't remember anything :( Sad.
But i know that it's over soon. I just gotta be strong and motivated. I can rest and feel great once when it's over! I am totally looking forward to it!!!!! You have NO idea!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


After i posted my last blog, i downloaded all Mandy Moore albums. I just have this mood right now to listen to sounds that i used to. It reminds me of old times. Good memories. And now i am listening to Hilary Duff. She was my next fav singer after Mandy Moore. Also my fav actress. I think i am going to download all her albums too! And when i was watching her music videos on youtube i saw a trailer of a movie "The Perfect Man". It was my very fav movies back then. The song in the movie "I'll learn to love again" was me and Clara's friendship song. I haven't watched this movie for sooo long, and haven't listened to this song for ages either. I kind of miss them. I'll definitely download them:)



I am so happy. I know i have started so many of my blogs with this sentence. But what can i do if it's true. I really am happy. And i suppose i don't need to say why. It's all because of J. He completes me and makes me so happy!
He came back from Germany on Friday night. Gosh, it was SO good to see him again!!!!!And he gave me chocolates.. yumyum. This guy really knows me! I love chocolate :D haha.
Anyway, yesterday we went to Tallinn to the movies. And we had lunch and dinner out. He took me out to eat sushi. It was my very first time to eat sushi. Unfortunately, i didn't like the taste of it so much, but maybe some other time i'll eat it again. Who knows. But at least now i have tried it:) Got a new experience :)
To sum up, it was a good day. I got to spend quality time with my honey. Just to talk and be with him! Loved it <3 He gave me 21 tulips for my birthday! He wasn't here when my real birthday was so yesterday he surprised me with the flowers. Isn't that cute? :):)
I sent him to a train to Tallinn today morning. He must go to Finland :( But luckily he's coming back on Tuesday! I can't wait.
I think i need to study today. It's such a beautiful weather today. I might go to ride a bike today. It's windy though. I have Monday off which is great. I have more time to study and do other stuff :)

I listened to Mandy Moore songs yesterday (She was the voice of Rapunzel in "Tangled" movie. So, she sang the soundtrack too which i totally love). But right now i am listening to her old songs. I was such a huge fan of hers about 5 years ago:P

I truly love her music. I think she's the artist whose music has played a big part of who i am today. Mandy was my biggest idol. I know it sounds cheesey, but it's true. And she's the same good singer as actress! Johannes promised me to watch A Walk To Remember when he comes back :) It's one of my fav movies and i want to watch it with my honey :)


Saturday, April 2, 2011


So so much has been happening. I went to Ireland on 24th March with my two sisters and my boyfriend. It was super fun trip. We rent a car and went to the mountains, also to Dublin and other cities near there. We shopped, dined out and so on. And of course i took very many photos. We all did!
It was so great to rest the whole week with my boyfriend! Loved it!!!!
But now we are back. Even though it was super cool in Ireland and there was a real SPRING, it's good to be back! It's snow here though. But it's still home! The food is cheaper here. And i don't know, i just like it here better :)
That's why it's cool to travel. To see other countries, but always come back home :)

When we arrived back to Estonia, Anni and I went to dancing class straight from the airport. After that J, Anni and I went home:)
J went to his granny's today, but will come back soon. We are going to my granny's birthday today later.
And tomorrow I'm having my birthday party! Time flies. It's a theme party - Chinese and Japanese is the dresscode. I have NO idea what to wear though. haha:D But i guess i'll start working on it after i finish with this blog!

Anyway, i don't know what else to write here. Actually i've a lot to say, but i don't feel like writing so much right now. Maybe later.