Saturday, April 2, 2011


So so much has been happening. I went to Ireland on 24th March with my two sisters and my boyfriend. It was super fun trip. We rent a car and went to the mountains, also to Dublin and other cities near there. We shopped, dined out and so on. And of course i took very many photos. We all did!
It was so great to rest the whole week with my boyfriend! Loved it!!!!
But now we are back. Even though it was super cool in Ireland and there was a real SPRING, it's good to be back! It's snow here though. But it's still home! The food is cheaper here. And i don't know, i just like it here better :)
That's why it's cool to travel. To see other countries, but always come back home :)

When we arrived back to Estonia, Anni and I went to dancing class straight from the airport. After that J, Anni and I went home:)
J went to his granny's today, but will come back soon. We are going to my granny's birthday today later.
And tomorrow I'm having my birthday party! Time flies. It's a theme party - Chinese and Japanese is the dresscode. I have NO idea what to wear though. haha:D But i guess i'll start working on it after i finish with this blog!

Anyway, i don't know what else to write here. Actually i've a lot to say, but i don't feel like writing so much right now. Maybe later.


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