Monday, March 21, 2011

sweeeet :)

Sweeet. Life's sweeet! I am so excited about Ireland trip!
And oh, university is over. I have a week break now! Yay! I went to Dub FX concert with Johannes, Jaana and Sandra on Friday. Gosh, it was so awesome! We had lots of fun AND i even got to touch DUB FX's hand ;)
The concert ended abt 1.30am and then we had to stay in a line to get our jackets. Finally at 2am we got out. We walked to my uni and then we took a taxi. J and i stayed at my granny's apartment. She wasn't home the whole weekend. On Saturday we went to the movies and out for lunch. We had such a good time together! It was really good to just be together and relax. No school or work. No rushing. Just enjoying the time we spend together :) I got my birthday gift from J already. He's in Germany at my birthday so he gave the gift earlier. It's the BEST gift ever! Seriously, i love it. Mostly coz it was from J! And just the thought that he wanted to make me so sweet gift, brings the smile on my face! He's an angel:) So, what did i get?
I got this:

My dream cellphone (L)

On Sunday we slept soo long (actually J did). Then we caught a train and came to Kohila. Had a nice dinner and went to the sauna at night.

J had to go to work today, but he'll come here later. I am doing some uni stuff :P


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