Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Day and Shrove Tuesday :)

I am so tired after this long day! But i totally enjoyed it. Classes were fine. We skipped one class though to help Liis with her stuff. She was moving back to her aunt's place.
So, after all the classes were finished, we went to have a dinner at Lido's. Yumyum. After chatting and joking i went to the dance class and others went Liis's place to continue this celebration :D
Dancing class was so fun. But i was a bit tired. After the class i had to catch a train back home. I was like a camel. I had so many bags and other stuff. And a flower =) Our only guy in the class was so cute and gave a tulip to all the girls :):) That was really nice of him! So anyway, like i said i was like a camel. And my feet hurt :/ But now im at home and i can go to bed soon :)
Only sad thing about this day is that i won't see J today. But i truly hope i can see him tomorrow and celebrate Shrove Tuesday. I even didn't eat any Shrove Tuesday Buns :/ But tomorrow i will :)

I'm off now. Night!

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