Saturday, March 12, 2011

Midnight cooking :)

It's midnight and i am cooking late dinner for J. He called me and told he's coming in an hour. He haven't eaten the whole day so i decided to cook him. I am making macaroni with tuna! I hope he likes it :):)
I was on the bed listening to HaAsh, talking to my friends on msn and doing a school art work, when J called me. He asked if i have chocolate. I was like: YES! Please tell me you want it! (because i have eaten it so much and i decided to keep all the other chocolate for him!). And thanfully he told he was creaving for chocolate! He'll get it all when he gets home!
I am so happy. Not because J wants my chocolate. Haha! I just feel that spring is coming. And you know what i miss? I miss riding a bike. Random, huh? I can't wait till snow melts and i can ride my bike or jog. I did a little joga. Whenever spring is coming i always want to be more active and healthier. I try to avoid eating too much chocolate. World has so many other yummie sweet treats for us too :):)

HaAsh's music always makes me happy! I remember when i first discovered these sisters. It was spring time and i listened to thier music so much! So, it always reminds me of these good old times :)

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