Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wow! I know that this obsession of vampires is so not in anymore, but yesterday i watched Moonlight(which is again about vampires) and i fell in love with that show!!!I watched 3 episodes. I'll watch more today=] If you haven't seen it, watch at least one episode, then you understand what i am talking about..Lol!

I burnt a dvd for my sis last night..It took soo long and so i couldn't turn my laptop off..But i dont know was it becoz of the light that came from the screen or something else, but i absolutely couldnt fall asleep.. 2:30am i heard the dvd came out and so i turned the laptop off. And then my dog came to my bed and not long after that i was sleeping like a baby already. But still, being wide awake and just laying on the bed about 2 hours isn't fun. and BTW! My sister's phone rang in the middle of the night and dad heard it and as my sister didnt answer(when she sleeps she heard nothing), my dad went to her room to urn it off, coz as i heard today morning that it annoyed him and he couldnt sleep. BUT he was staying in her room for so long..It annoyed me.Coz i thought he's coming to my room too. To check or god knows what. So, i had one eye open and i was waiting him to go back to bed. Today i asked him, why the hell he was so long at her room.. he said he was waiting the phone ring again:S He couldnt understand where the ringing came from. Lol!
Anywho, i had an alarm for 9:30am coz i wanted to watch mexican soap. And also coz i thought i better sleep little tonight and so maybe im more sleepy next night. I must confess, im sleepy already although it's just 1:30pm :P

I have a mood to write here my fav quote:

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."

ps! I so love The City. I think Roxy is so cool. Love her wildness. And both, Roxy and Whitney have really great style!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

merry little christmas :)

Wow! It's really holiday season already! Christmas is actually over. It's 28th today. O'boy i enjoyed Christmas so much! I had so much fun! Omg!I just remembered that i even filmed while we get presents. Everybody had to read a poem or dance or do whatever to get the present:)
I got everything i wanted. Actually, i had no wishes. But i love all i got<3
I think i won't tell all the things i got, but one thing was a book called "Minu Austraalia"(My Australia). It's from my fav book series "Minu ...". So, this time i travelled to Australia.LOL. I really love reading these traveller books. Every book is written by a Estonian who's lived or still lives in that country she's writing about. And these stories aren't just a description or so.. but these are funny and so cool! All countries are less or more different..culutures, tradtitions, food, people and so on.. Very interesting!
Well, today morning i finished reading this book.
And today i registered to the driving school final exam.. driving on a icy road. I have to listen a theory on the net and take some tests too. Passed two already today. I will continue tomorrow.
I wanted to go to skiing today, but the snow was a bit wet and it wasn't a good weather for skiing. But the snow is great. So white and beautiful. We have it so much! I love it<3

I got a Christmas card from Marine today. That was a nice surprise:) Made my day=]

Can't believe few more days and then its 2010 :P I'm waiting it just coz i want to read my last year wishes. When new year starts i write down all my wishes for the upcoming year..and When the old year ends and new starts i can read what i wrote a year ago..and i can see how much of the wishes came true. I can't remember what i wrote last January. So, i'm excited to see them!
And of course i want to write down new wishes already :)

Ok, im going to watch tv now!

Monday, December 21, 2009

movie day:) [3 days!]

Today was THE day! Elise and i went to movies. We watched New Moon. For me was the second time. There just 7 persons in the movies.. so we have lotsss of empty seats. It was cool! We had lots of fun. And OF COURSE b4 the movie we stopped by the CandyKing to buy sweets:D It was the best part! (nah, im joking. The movie was the best!) Well, we both enjoyed it a lot. I must confess that i liked it way moer than first time i watched it..
Anywho, after the movies we went to shopping centre.. and then to a cafe and then to another cafe.. :P Lol! We had pretty much time till the train. But it was still nice.
Now im back at home. Actually it's almost 9 pm already. Im a bit bored. After this blog post im going to read a book abt psychology i guess. I have exam in Jan.. don't remember the date. But well, i can't believe there's just 3 days till X-mas Eve! Yay! My sis comes back from Ireland on 23th already! How awesome!

By the way. changing the subject. Yesterday late night i watched this movie called Aurore. The whole movie is available in youtube. It's in french, but it has english subtitles. It's rly sad movie. But yet so realistic. It's based on true story. I can't believe anyone has to live like that.. so so sad..
Well, you probs don't understand what im talking about..unless you've seen the movie..
But here's a video abt this movie.. after watching it you understand a lot abt this movie..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

bed time! [8 days!]

I know i should go to bed now coz im sooo tired, but first i wanna upload some pix of the very awesome day i had with my friends yesterday! Im glad we took loads of photos. Now i'll never forget that day! Im gonna upload here just a few pix:P

our play!

eating the cookies.

at Chopstick. O'boy we were hungry!!:)

ice-skating is soo fun:D

pix of us :) it was freezing but very FUN :D

we were actually ice-skating too, not only taking photos:D


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot hot green tea with lemon! [9 days!]

Hou hou houu:D Santa Claus here!LOL!
Well, actually it's still me. I've such a great mood. I had so awesome day with my friends today! I just adoreeee them :)

First at all, yesterday we had out drama class' play practice. It was fine, but seriously we had so much to do. I got home 10:30pm and had to start looking for costumes and decorations we needed for our play. We were on msn chatting and packing bags. I was like a camel today. SOOO many bags.Lol! Anywho, my friend Gerli was very ill in practice already, but yesterday night on msn she told that she cant come with us to celebarte x-mas on wednesday. So, i quickly contacted to our other friends and i told then another idea. And they all liked it. We cancelled out wednesday's x-mas celebrationg at my place coz it wouldnt have been the same without Gerli. We still wanted to celebrate x-mas TOGETHER =D But as Gerli was supposed to come to drama class anyway coz we had to do a play then i thought it would be cool to go out after that..just to sit somewhere, talk, share gifts and just celebrate x-mas. And so we did today. Our drama play was eh-amazing:D We did GREAT job!!!!! And sure we had dress-reharsal too. In universit corridor. It was hilarious. And omg you should have seen our costumes. Im deffogonna put somne pix up on my blog too when i get the pix!:D

Our play was inspired from Finland's famous children cartoon and magazine called Muumin.. In Estonian Muumioru Lood. And our play was entitled: Muumioru Lood: Mäetroll. And i found this cute pic where are all the main characters from the cartoon and magazine:

It seemed that teacher liked our play too. But we dont know the grade yet:P
So, after the play (and we watched other's play too!) we went to Chopstick. It's a rly cool Chinese Restaurant. We ate and talked and exchanged the gifts. I got super cute socks from Marina..and a melon soap which smells SOOO delicious. My first x-mas gift this year!So sweeeet:D:D I'm rly happy!!=D
Oh, and my friend Liisa who i made a gift to, LOVED the earrings. Haha! She was literally screaming when she saw them. We all were like: tshhhh!!! It was funny. She kept thanking me for this surprise. Im very happy she liked the earrings.. well, i knew she liked them coz i bought them after she said she liked them, but she had NO idea i bought them. So, it was a surprise for her!:D

Well, after the Chopstick we went to ice-skating. Gerli went home coz she was still ill. But im VERY glad she changed the plans and celebrated x-mas today instead of tomorrow. We were all together and fun!!!:D Anyway, as i said we went to ice-skate. It was hilarious. So funny and cute! I hadnt ice-skated since...since..since the summer when Sharon was here..it was the summer 2008 :P One and an half year ago. Wow! Long time. But actually i had never ice-skated outside..always in this big ice-skating hall. But today we went to ice-skate outside.There was x-mas music and it was so nice. And so cold. Freezing. -16C degrees. But guess what? I still loved it. And guess again? I didnt fall at ALL! Gooo me! :D
Sure after ice-skating my right leg's toes were numb and soo cold. I couldnt walk. I thought im dying. LOL! It was dead hurting. But i went to the cafe and it was so warm there and soon my toes melted and didnt hurt that much. OH, i gotta thank this guy or a woman who came up to the idea to make uggs. These are THE BEST winter wearings ever<3 SO WARM! I SO want to get black uggs, but i dont think we have any here. I have looked sooo long for there, but havent found :( Sad! But im glad i have the ones i have right now. Donno how i wouldnt survive without them this winter!!!

Well, as it sounds(hopefully) i had loads of fun! I know when i write it it doesnt sounds even half as fun as it really was. I had a blass time:)

But now i have holiday. Winter holiday! Love it<3

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Countdown.. 14 days till X-mas Eve!

Hey hey! Listening to No Air, eating mandarins and thinking.. Mmmm. I just can't wait till Christmas. Actually, i just love whole December. I like that i have something to wait for. But i never like if Christmas are over because then i have to wait so long again. But next thing im waiting for im my birthday:)
Anywho, i really hope snow will come down by Christmas! X-mas wont be the same without snow!

Well, i will inform about wt i have been up to lately. Me and my friends have to make a play for drama class. And whoaa, i think we are gonna rock on the stage! haha:D We have fun and cute play! Everybody has a great role. We have super ides about the decorations and costumes!! Tomorrow after my English class we are gonna meet up and start practicing and just arramging other stuff we need to get done.. And on Tuesday is THE DAY :D I really should start learning my text. I have so many lines to remember. I dont wanna mess up anything! I want it to be just PERFECT! <3

Yesterday there was a x-mas fair in university. Lots of students were selling handmade stuff(jewelleries, soaps, mugs, plates, scarfs, hats, pies, cookies, candies and soo sooo sooo much more). Well, i was looking around with my friends. One of my friends really liked a pair of earrings but she couldnt decided weather to buy them or not. But when they left that table, my other friend told that i could buy them to my friend coz i was supposed to make her a x-mas gift anyway..and i was so in trouble finding her a gift. And now as i know it's something she wanted it was a great opportunity for me to buy these. And that's exactly what i did! So, she'll be surprised when she gets them. Later she went to that desk again to look at the earrings and she was obviously disappointed that these were sold to someone else already. But little she knows that i was the buyer. And she will be the owner soon! haha:D

I'm sure our x-mas celebration at my place is going to be super sweet! We are going to food shop and then come to my place and make a x-mas dinner together:)
And im planning to make a muffins. I wanna buy lots of chocolate so i can make muffins filled with chocolate. White and brown! YumYum :D

Well, right now in my mind are two things. English test and English oral test abt the book i read. It's not a test actually. I just have to talk abt the book i read, i have to read some parts out loud to the teacher..and then i have to translate. It's all on Monday. But tomorrow i'll have English test.. new words and grammar. So far i have two tests which i have got B and B+. I so want A this time. Wish me luck! :)

Anyway, I guess im going to watch Home&Away now. And have a dinner.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sinterklaas :)

Only 2 weeks more and then is holiday!Lovely!Lol!
I've been sooo busy. It's Saturday today tho. I wrote an essay and did some other home assignments.
And oh i have been thinking a lot abt presents. It's so hard to find right gifts for x-mas. My head is empty. So little ideas.
But today i came to an idea wt to give my parents for x-mas. I know mom always wants something that comes from heart and she doesnt want us to spend our money. So, i decided to draw a picture for mom&dad! I wanna buy a big picture frame so i can frame it. Hope they'll like that gift.

Here's the pic i drew:

I guess i will shop for other x-mas presents on friday coz after English class i have more that 3 hrs till my train leaves. So, i can shop:)

Well, i keep doing some university stuff and coz im so creative today, im gonna make one thing to my friend:P


PS!I'm so excited for x-mas. Elise comes back!I havent seen her for soooo long. Cant wait to go movies and ice-skiing with her:) It's gonna be a very fun day!:D
And Merikan comes home!yay!=D

Actually last week in uni (11-18) is SO fun already! My class is gonna celebrate x-mas together. And me and my friends are gonna celebrate x-mas together later too.. at my place:)
I love x-mas feeling! Btw, don't u think that the chocolate in chocolate calendar tastes like x-mas :D hahaha!!